About me

I’m Ed, an undergrad CS student studying at the University of Southern California, graduating Spring 2019. I will then get my master’s at USC in 1 year through the Progressive Degree Program. I aspire to be a research scientist or software engineer working on projects with technological and social impact.


I’m part of the Cognitive Learning for Vision and Robotics Lab. I believe Reinforcement Learning is the way towards AGI. I want to improve RL algorithms as well as use RL in real robot learning. My research interests span (Hierarchical) Reinforcement Learning, Representation Learning, Metalearning, Deep Learning and related fields.


  • My first paper has been accepted to ICLR 2019!
  • I’ve accepted an internship with Tesla for summer 2018!
  • My final project for CS599: Deep Learning has won 1st place in best writeup and best demo!
  • I’ve accepted an internship with Intel for summer 2017!


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