About me

I’m an undergraduate senior studying at the University of Southern California. I previously worked at Tesla and Intel on ML / SWE related roles.


I'm part of the Cognitive Learning for Vision and Robotics Lab. I want to create robots that solve complex tasks. This leads me to ask several questions. How can we formulate a task to the machine? How can we represent the task? And how can we solve this task in the real world? As a result of these questions, I'm interested in (Hierarchical) Reinforcement Learning, Imitation Learning, Meta Learning, Representation Learning, Robotics, and related fields.

Composing Complex Skills by Learning Transition Policies

Youngwoon Lee, Shaohua Sun, Sriram Somasundaram, Edward S. Hu, Joseph J. Lim

ICLR, 2019


  • I’ve been awarded the Robert Fulton scholarship for MS and the Discovery Scholar distinction for my BS
  • My first paper has been accepted to ICLR 2019
  • I’ve accepted an internship with Tesla for summer 2018
  • My final project for CS599: Deep Learning has won 1st place in best writeup and best demo
  • I’ve accepted an internship with Intel for summer 2017


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